trip tips

various excursions from thun and the surrounding area

st. caves beatus




the stalactite caves lie high above lake thun; a million-year-old natural wonder!


a legend tells that the stalactite caves in the 6th century as a shelter for the saint st. beatus served. he is said to have driven out a kite that spread fear and terror.

sigriswil panorama bridge



visitors can get a little queasy here, but the view is always rewarding!


the approximately 340 meter long bridge leads over the rubber canyon from sigriswil to aeschlen. if you dare to look down over the railing, you will look about 180 meters deep and see the rushing guntenbach surrounded by thick forest.

castle of thun




the medieval castle towers high and majestic above the city of thun!


the castle dates from the 12th century.

the five large halls of the tower are filled with valuable objects from this period, and the knight's hall is particularly worth seeing.

strandbad thun




swim with a unique view of the lake and the

bernese alps!


the outdoor pool, which the locals call 'strämu', has two swimmers' and one non-swimmer's pool, as well as direct access to the beach. the brave jump from the 10 meter tower and fun is guaranteed on the water slide.

panning for gold



gold hunt - the fabulous adventure in the graben mill in sigriswil!


there you can spend a nice adventure with

the whole family.

start with the gold search, maybe later trout fishing and finally comfortably squeeze the rest of the energy in the children's playground with the mine train.

we would be happy to help you with further excursions or tips